Becoming a Dynamic Company

Becoming a Dynamic Company

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When working to make companies more dynamic we follow a simple methodology, we treat the company like a car. Imagine a nice car, but when you sit inside there is a bad small, the leather is peeping off, the air conditioning keeps breaking down, and the engine has trouble starting up. What we work on first is the inside; improve procedures, work flow, organisation, teamwork, create and enforce company and AML policies, create company goals and strategy, which can be seen as boring, mundane, and insignificant by some companies. This is when we also apply any I.T. solutions necessary to decrease margin of error and save time. Individually these changes may not make much of a difference, but the cumulation of these changes, applied and carried out in a consistent manner is what we are aiming for.  Not only can this drive efficiency and professionalism from within, it creates a positive environment for the people of the company to grow and prosper.

Then we work on the outside of the car, be it the marketing, image, and customer service. We focus on communicating and showing the inner health of the company and translating it into quality marketing, to attract higher caliber employees and new customers.

The main part of the puzzle for us is management and human capital. I used to work in a company where I felt like I was in a car that was being driven with the brakes on. When I used to put more time and effort into accelerating the car to get it over the finish line, I realised the breaking effect would increase. This is because we had people that did not have the company’s best interest at heart wielding a significant degree of influence. The sad fact is when dealing with stagnant companies it tends to be due more to these factors rather than a saturated or waning business environment. Over time as companies stand still and their competitors continue stepping forward, excuses of the business environment turning against them become a self-fulling prophecy.

Dealing with stagnant companies is usually complicated because they can include relatives or family members in positions making it difficult for anyone to question. It can also include bosses who cannot see or are unwilling to see the truth about employee(s) whom they have trusted, or who see their talent as outweighing their obvious negative qualities. The only way we solve these situations is to dilute the influence of these negative people and promote people who have decent ability, and most importantly, the company’s best interest at heart.

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