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HK$11.9 Million of Gold Bars Smuggling Prevented at Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint

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According to the SCMP, HK$11.9 Million of Gold Bars Smuggling was prevented at the Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint:

A Hong Kong driver was arrested for smuggling in Shenzhen after the customs authorities found HK$11.9 million (US$1.5 million) worth of gold in his vehicle.

The man was driving back through the Shenzhen Bay checkpoint on July 3 when mainland customs officers found 44 undeclared gold bars weighing a total of 44kg in a hidden compartment in the car’s armrest.

On the mainland smuggling gold is punishable from five years in prison to life behind bars, but this has not prevented smugglers from trying their luck. With a depreciation in the Yuan, outflow of capital is expected from China. As long as the smugglers are successful in their endeavors, without any due diligence requirements for the gold industry in Hong Kong, this will only work to encourage smuggling and support their illicit activities.

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